Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Rant of the day…

“backberry/treo/windows mobile/smartphone”.. Boy! this “device” could use a “name”!

But therein lies some of the challenge. The mobile phone is evolving; 1.4B devices have mobile “data” access via text messaging and other capabilities like WAP or more conventional email and web capabilities.

Phone-first devices typically look like a mobile phone and have a smaller screen and phone style keyboard. More e-mail centric devices like the blackberry and treo and emerging windows mobile devices like the Motorola Q have qwerty keyboards.. I frequently use term blackberry like Kleenex, when talking about the qwerty keyboard devices.. and “mobile phone” to talk about the phone-first devices.

The challenge is that the smart-phone term has been used for everything from windows mobile phone-first devices to the tweener devices that use a stylus and have no keyboard at all!

Given that blackberry really seemed to be the company that made a stand on the qwerty keyboard I would like to call other devices blackberry-like.. but much to the applause of some blackberry has muddied the waters further with a sub-qwerty shared key hybrid approach.. my wife loves it, probably due to it’s great screen… but for most power-users the keyboards really slows the 30 word per minute thumbing possible on the traditional blackberry style qwerty keyboard.

For the purpose of the blog, I’ll try to avoid confusion by talking about mobile phones as the phone first devices, and sprinkle in blackberry and treo references until we find a better term.


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