Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Lots of News in Handheld Land

Yardena at PCWorld does a good job of summarizing the latest on the new HP iPAQ.. sounds like it falls short as a real challenger to the new Motorola Q...

Is RIM the new hope for Treo 650 users? Given that the Treo 700 is Windows mobile, this just can't be good news for Good Technology..


Yardena Arar, PC World
Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The pre-holiday PDA rush is on. Since last I wrote, Palm has shipped two new handhelds (the Z22 and the TX) and announced plans for a Windows Mobile Treo, and Research In Motion and AvantGo have announced new services. Today Hewlett-Packard is announcing an IPaq phone (the hw6515) with a built-in Global Positioning System receiver.


Treo 650 to Support BlackBerry Mail
If you're a corporate type whose company has one of Research In Motion's BlackBerry Enterprise Servers, and you've been longing for a Palm PDA that will support RIM's popular push e-mail technology, you're finally in luck.

This week Palm and RIM are announcing that BlackBerry Connect support will be available for the Treo 650 early next year. Your mobile phone carrier will have to enable receipt of BlackBerry e-mail, which will be handled by the Treo's VersaMail client. BlackBerry support more or less rounds out the Treo's 650 capability to handle just about any corporate e-mail system, as it already accommodates Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino. Pricing is not yet available.



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