Friday, October 14, 2005

Is a mobile device more secure than a laptop

It seems like many question the security of data on mobile devices.. Some of this concern centers on the fact that we loose these devices more often than our laptops.. Given that most of us do not “password protect” the device due to the bother or keying an access code every time we go to check our email, is the device a data security risk?

Blackberry and Good have made the loss of a device a non-issue in terms of data-at-risk, a “poison pill” capability makes it easy for the administrator to use the network to wipe clean a device. This is allot better than the potential risk of a lost 256MB USB “thumb” drive and if you think of the risk that every Laptop hard drive poses.. Don’t let the username and password on a laptop fool you, there are many ways to boot the device that put all the sensitive data on the laptop with easy reach. It seems that mobile devices should be the least of anyone’s worries..


Blogger Steve Chipman said...

Very true. And, there are many tech savvy people who store all their various account user names and passwords in a non-password protected Excel spreadsheet rather than an application that uses AES 256-Bit encryption.

I know someone who just had his laptop stolen and had full faith that his Windows password made his laptop unhackable...

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